After many years of research, study, surveys and operational experience, the Zenesis team has developed a framework called BOCER™ . BOCER™ stands for Brand, Operations, Customers, Employees and Results. Each company regardless of its size must pay vital importance to these 5 dimensions. Based on this, Zenesis has developed solutions that are mapped to every dimension and serves each of these needs to ensure that every area is always valued, healthy and on par with international standards and benchmarks.

At Zenesis we use our bespoke RADEM™ methodology to ensure that your company's BOECR™ is healthy at all times.


We start our engagement with you with a REVIEW of your existing policies, processes, brand values, employee engagement and customer service, experience, and happiness initiatives. We meet and interview the various stakeholders in the organization including the staff, management and some customers. This is the assessment phase of our engagement where we are doing a Health Check on your organization.


Taking the results of our REVIEW stage, we analyze all the findings and carefully benchmark your results with those of similar companies producing similar products or similar services. We then present our analysis to you to get your input and buying for the next stage of the process. 


The DESIGN stage follows from the ANALYSE stage and this is where the work to make a difference begins. We design the right solutions to fill the gaps that we found at both the earlier stages as well as fulfill the needs and desires of what the various stakeholders and top management of the company have expressed. 


Once the DESIGN is complete, we begin the execution of these designs, ideas, and suggestions into policies, processes, systems, and methodologies that will be used to deliver the results that are expected by the business, employees, and customers. 


This is not the final stage but the stage that links back to the original REVIEW stage after completion. This very crucial MONITOR stage is where every action that has been taken, every solution that has been produced has to be monitored on a short-term, mid-term and long-term basis. This forms part of the Continuous Improvement process that is essential to the companies sustainability and growth.