Free Zone Company

The Government of Dubai has developed a policy of attracting foreign capital, almost every procedure of company registration and opening of bank accounts is simplified in order to make the process of opening free zone company in UAE as easy as possible for investors. Procedures for setting up a company are different in each emirate. Despite the fact that there are general federal laws, each emirate has a variety of additional rules and regulations to launch a business. The free trade zones are clearly defined parts of the territory of the UAE. Within their territory, you can find special conditions of taxation, customs fees, etc. Free zones may vary by types of activity, the amount of initial capital required the cost of the annual license renewal as well as the range of services provided. If there are no particular difficulties the business license in Dubai can be obtained within a week or so.

The benefits of having a business here are impressive:

  • A free zone is 100% owned by the investor;
  • No tax for transfer of funds;
  • No import and export duties.

These are just several points from a wide list of advantages, offered by the Government of the emirate for foreign investors, willing to register free zone Company in UAE. If you want to have your own free zone company in Dubai – call us and we will do our best to help. Team of specialists with rich experience in the field will do their best to register free zone company in UAE for you as soon as possible.