Local Company

A local company licensed by the Department of Economic Development is needed if you want to conduct activities in UAE and rent an office/shop and employ staff to work and live in UAE Depending on the activity of the company, there are different kinds of entities that can be registered in the Mainland. Local limited Companies are ideal for trading companies and have a 51/49 percent ownership where 51% is held by UAE local national and 49% by the expatriate. Professional Companies can have 100% foreign ownership and needs a UAE Loca l national as a local service agent. These licenses are ideal for consultancies, salons, etc. If you are interested in registering a company in Dubai - call us today and we will do our best to help!

Benefits of an LLC Company:

  • Wider access to the UAE economy (especially on trading) as LLC companies have lesser restrictions compared to free zone companies;
  • 100 % Tax-Free;
  • Access to a wider range of business activities you can choose from;
  • The flexible amount for the minimum share capital. LLC company’s minimum share capital will differ from every other LLC companies as it will depend on the nature of business and size of the company;
  • Cheaper Incorporation Fees;
  • Fast approval and issuance of incorporation documents;
  • Receive the advantages of having an investors visa;
  • Can operate your business activity from any part of the UAE;
  • No yearly auditing mandatory;
  • Flexibility to rent office;
  • Easy availability of employment visas;
  • Really fast process of company registration in Dubai.
  • Branch Or Representative Office

Branch of Foreign Company or Representative Office is suitable for foreign companies wanting to do business in the UAE. A branch of a foreign company will serve as a headquarter office in UAE and will do business following the provisions of the UAE Law. With our service of business registration services UAE, it will be extremely easy to open an office here!